32nd Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Festival

I was originally booked to perform in the demonstration area at 3:30. I had just finished preparing to do my set when I was notified that they needed me on the main stage. Unfortunately, for whatever reason an act did not appear for their slot. I quickly grabbed some props and headed to the big stage. Performance consisted of three routines: A rope trick, the linking rings, and the newspaper trick. The crowd reacted really well to the magic especially the linking rings.

After doing the stage show I returned to the demonstration area to perform. This was done to a packed standing crowd. Since the audience was closer I was able to get more participants involved in the magic. This show was well received also.

All in all it was a great event. I’ve always dreamt of performing at the Heritage Festival and this year it happened. I lucked out a bit in getting to be the only performer to perform twice that day. It wasn’t all luck though. First, I was good enough to get booked for the event. Second, I was prepared with an act that could work for the big stage in addition to the act that I had brought with me for the demonstration area.